Our church has opened wide the doors and, in the name of the  Lord Jesus Christ, says to you...


A Service of Praise and Thanksgiving for the Easing of Lock Down Restrictions


The First Minister has intimated that, all going well, the First Phase of the easing of “lock down” restrictions will begin from Friday the 29th of May. This we hope will be the start of our journey of recovery and is a case for thanksgiving whilst also remembering those who are no longer with us. We are having a special service for this purpose involving folks from our three congregations and participation from Tundergarth and others. We hope you will listen on the 29th or when you can do so (click here).  Jane will ask you at one point in the service to light a candle to signify the Light of Christ, which is always  with us, whilst remember all those who have been called home and their families during the “lockdown”.


In this period of isolation, we want the whole church family to feel connected with each other and connected with God. Since it became apparent that communal worship was unlikely to continue, we have been working to put together a programme of online resources to provide a rhythm to our daily lives. So see below what is on offer at present - all are accessible here on our website. We plan to build on this and already we have had helpful suggestions for online and offline communication. As a Church we want to reach out to every person in Moffat so pray for them, share the website details and encourage them to access the materials. Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you.” Share the love!


Holy Week and After

A brief recording will be posted each day and if this proves successful, we will continue the process. We will use the lectionary readings for a reflection, prayer, reading of scripture and music. 

 Upward - Read, Pray Outward - Call, Bless 
We are encouraging our church family to adopt this simple rule of life - we can stay together and pray together, even when we aren't able to gather together. Balance the upward and inward journey into the service of Jesus Christ with the outward task of love and mission though calling and blessing other where you can!


Sunday Service
A service of worship, preaching & prayers will be posted for every Sunday and remain on the site for accessing at other times. Service sheets will also available to download to enable those who cannot access the computer link to participate.
Weekday Reflection

On Thursday we will be offering “Drop in Thursday”. We had started it recently and offered coffee, scones, chat and a reflection. At present we will offer a reflection and music. We hope you will call someone in the church family for a chat on the telephone and you never know we may get around to organising some scone deliveries!!!

Births. Deaths. Illness and Special Birthdays
Each week we will post a list of names so that you can remember the person and their family in your prayers. We will as always depend on folks providing details.


Each week, we will be posting up activities for the children that tie in with the theme of the Sunday Service.



Each week we will post up suggestions for activities and chat for our young people.

 We have a good group of Discoverers on Sunday Night and hopefully we can find a way for them to link up safely using social media. At present this is in the work in progress box.


To access our new audio recordings, please click here and follow the instructions in the new window that opens.

To access activities - including a "Drop-in Thursday" thought while we are unable to continue in person, and activities for young people and children - please click here.


To all who are weary and seek rest; to all who mourn and long for comfort;
to all who struggle and desire victory; to all who sin and need a saviour;
to all who are idle and look for service; to all who are strangers and want fellowship;
to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness; and to whomsoever will come;
our church has opened wide the doors and, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, says to you...   



We are a Church of Scotland congregation situated in the beautiful market town of Moffat, in Southwest Scotland.


We are delighted to have the linked Parishes of Kirkpatrick Juxta and Wamphray affiliated with our congregation in Moffat.


We are delighted to welcome you to join us for our weekly worship at 11.15am each Sunday.

A very warm welcome awaits all.


The children are a treasured part of our congregation, as well as the wider community here in Moffat. 


St Andrew's Church offers a range of regular and one-off events for all ages and interests throughout the year.


Please get in touch if you know of someone in the community who may be in need of care or pastoral support.


Let us build a house where prophets speak, and words are strong and true,
where all God's children dare to seek, to dream God's reign anew.

Here the cross will stand as witness and as symbol of God's grace; here as one we claim the faith of Jesus:
All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.



We are a Church of Scotland congregation situated in the beautiful market town of Moffat, in Southwest Scotland.


We worship each Sunday at 11.15am.

We are delighted to welcome our congregation, wider community and all visitors to our parishes.


Church Place,

Moffat DG10 9ES

Scotland, UK



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